Hair Serum OR Hair Leave In Conditioner Spray

hair-serum-vs-Leave-in-hair compress

Every head or hair is different. In that way, everyone benefits differently from the use of leave in conditioner sprays and hair serums. Leave in conditioner sprays and serums have great differences in terms of constitution, usage and effects.  In this article, we will explore the ways in which these products differ as well as their pros and cons.


1. Application and Use

A hair leave in conditioner spray is applied when hair is wet and freshly washed. It assists in detangling, softens hair and helps with smoothing the hair cuticle by adding a layer of moisture. Some leave in conditioner sprays will have heat protectant properties.

Generally, hair serums are used when hair is completely dry to seal in moisture, to keep out humidity, dirt and frizz caused by various environmental factors.  Hair serums are also used to add a finishing touch and add a light shine.

2. Constitution

Hair serums are made of silicon, creamier and amino acids.  The silicon coats the hair to prevent the serum from entering into the hair shaft.

Leave in conditioner sprays contains humectants that hydrate and soften strands to make them elastic and strong.

3. Function

Hair serums act as a plastic cover on your hair to protect the hair from external pollutants while leave in conditioner sprays provide moisture and repair to damage hair.

4. Order of Application

Most people agree that they should use hair leave in conditioning sprays before applying hair serums.  This is fundamentally because leave in conditioner is put into freshly washed hair to restore hydration and close up the cuticle. The hair serums will then be rubbed on to further lock in the moisture within the hair shaft causing the effect of conditioner to last longer.

Pros and Cons

1. Long Term Effects

Hair serums contain silicone and other chemicals that may damage your hair in the long run leading to hair fall and breakage. With ph balanced leave in conditioner sprays, they contain natural and organic compounds that wash off easily and have no negative long term effects.

2. Hair Penetration

Hair serums usually coat only the surface of the hair meaning it does not have a wholesome effect on your hair.  Leave in conditioning sprays usually change the constitution of the hair shaft temporarily to provide deep moisture since they enter into the hair strand until the cuticle is opened up by shampoo during a wash.

3. General Appearance of Hair.

Hair serums give the hair a false plastic shine and not the healthy natural desired lustrous look achieved when you use the best conditioning leave in spray which locks in moisture deep into the strands.  However, hair serums are great in that they that they provide shine for damaged hair until it becomes healthier and regains its natural shine.

4. Specificity

Hair serums are applied to all the hair, up the strands and even the scalp as the application or supposed to.  For hair leave in conditioner sprays, if is much easier to spray a small part of the head or just where it’s needed.

5. Use With Hot Tools

Before subjecting the hair to hot tools, a leave in conditioner spray should be used in the hair as it provides extra moisture so that the hair does not dry out completely and get damaged. For hair serums, the same application came be made on the hair’s surface but very sparingly.  If you apply too much of this product you could end up frying your hair when subjected to heat. Alternatively, avoid using hair serums until after you are done styling the hair for the best results.



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