Protective Styling – All You Need To Know

Hair StaylingProtective styling is something that every naturalist should consider every once in a while. Women love their hair, and it’s that love that causes the rift between those who love protective styling and those who think it’s a terrible idea. The latter group of women is convinced that protective styling is the holy grail of hair breakage and thus women should stay away from them, but this is not entirely true. Using the best moisturizing shampoo to get your hair in the right condition for whatever style you are thinking of getting done, your hair will be safely tucked away for a while. Protective styling is important because it protects the hair from being pulled all the time, heat, and damage caused by daily maintenance. Before getting the protective style that you have been craving for, there are a few things that you need to know and do:

Things to Consider Before Protective Styling

PH balance leave in conditionerEvery hair is different and unique in its own way, and for that reason, you need to get it in the right condition before getting the protective styling, and that includes using a PH balance leave in conditioner. Whether you are plaiting your own hair or it will be safely tucked away, it is important to consider these few things before:  It is very crucial for your natural hair that you leave your edges out. Depending on the style that you are going for, you cannot pull your edges because they are very delicate and therefore try as much as you possibly can to leave them out. Protect your hair from heat. Under no circumstances should you straighten your hair using heat without a heat protectant. Do not let your hair carry too much weight, what does this mean? Some protective styling is usually very heavy, and some are done too tight that your hair strands get loose.

moisturizing shampoo

Remind your hair stylist to be careful to prevent any hair breakage after you unravel the hair. Don’t stay with the protective styling for too long. Even though you had used the best moisturizing shampoo on your hair, it is still important that you unravel the hair not more than 6 weeks after installation. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This cannot be stressed enough. Do not stop your moisturizing routine after the protective styling, not at all. The idea of having your scalp oiled and massaged every now and then is what will keep your natural hair in good shape and initiate growth.

Types of Protective Styling

white orchid flowers hair

There are different types of protective styling that you can choose from. After having your hair washed and conditioned using a PH balance leave in conditioner, it is time to get that style on. Box braids, wigs, weaves, faux locs, Ghana braids, cornrows and the list is endless.

In Conclusion

Protective styling is exactly what the name suggests, protective styling! After a period of letting your hair out and using all types of products on it, you have to let it relax under a protective styling. When settling for protective styles, go for ones that require minimal to no manipulation at all. The reason for having a protective style is to reduce daily manipulation of the hair that is caused by pulling, products and heat. Your natural hair is your crown, and it is highly required that you treat it as such.

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