Benefits of using Leave in Conditioning Spray

1Hair care is a very important practice.  Much has been said about the intricacies of applying various hair care products to natural hair and what would be best for it.  In this article, we will explore the benefits of using leave in conditioning sprays. We will also explore qualities to look for in the products considered as being the best pH balance leave in conditioner spray in the market.

Leave in conditioners also referred to as leave in hair treatments are hair care products that are applied to hair and left in until the hair is washed next. The conditioners come in a variety of forms such as creams, liquids and sprays.  Here we will focus on the spray form of leave in conditioner. There are various benefits of using the spray which include:


  • It spreads well


Leave in conditioner spray restores moisture in natural hair throughout the hair strand since most of them contain humectants. Since the oils produced by the scalp cannot easily travel up to the tips of kinky curly hair, moisturizing conditioner spray becomes your hair’s best bet at having a soft textured mane with a lustrous healthy look.

  • Can Replace Washing


Using the best ph balance leave in conditioner spray is great in situations where it is not possible to wash your hair. Simply spray the hair with the leave in conditioner for instant refreshment. The ionic balance alters the hair structure making it straighter, smoother and therefore easier to style. This is perhaps more possible because some of the best pH balance leave in conditioner sprays also contain special lubricants that aid the detanglement of hair when combing through.  The hair is also more likely to stay in place after it has been styled.


  • It Strengthens Hair

Unlike wash out conditioners, leave in conditioner sprays are made with proteins that strengthen hair to reduce breakage.  Leave in conditioner sprays do not damage hair or scalp skin unlike wash out conditioners which should not be left in longer than recommended lest they cause irritation.

  • It is Economical and Easy to Use

The best leave in conditioner sprays are packaged in a way that they are easily portable and convenient to use.  Since you do not need to first wash, rinse and dry hair, it makes the process of grooming time efficient. Leave in conditioner sprays is also cost effective as they are used in lesser amounts than the rinse out conditioners.  Leave in conditioners are lighter on hair unlike rinse out treatment which are heavier on the hair strands and if not washed out properly result in an accumulation of product on the scalp.

  • Protects Hair


For those who prefer to use heat treatment on their hairs such as blow driers, leave in conditioner sprays protect the hair from damage by forming a buffering layer on the hair. Since most hair treatments leave hair dry and brittle, leave in conditioner spray creates a perfect balance in terms of hydration to leave your hair at its best.

Apart from damage by heat, leave in conditioner sprays protect hair from other environmental factors such as chlorine in swimming pool water, Salty waters and harsh heat or extreme cold.  All these conditions deprive the hair of moisture which the leave in conditioner sprays are champions at restoring in the hair strands and forming a protective barrier.

The qualities to look for when choosing the best leave in conditioner spray include:

  • It should be paraben and sulfate free: These chemicals are unhealthy for you and for the environment too.
  • Should contain UV protection: The protective UV filters will protect your hair from the environmental effects especially originating from excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Must have the ingredients that ensure maximum moisture retention like the silk protein and oil. These ingredients will promote the repair and protection of damaged and dry hair.
  • The fragrance should be right for you: Choosing the right fragrance will serve as your signature which you’ll be identified with. Getting it right will greatly improve your image among colleagues.

When picking a leave in conditioner spray for your hair, it is good to consider which one is best for your hair according to your hair’s needs and texture.  If your hair is scanty and light, then you need a spray with a silky smooth texture that is light enough not to leave your hair looking or Feeling Greasy. Also, there are sprays that are designed specifically for colored hair that brings out the tones and hues in a beautiful natural way.


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