Give Your Hair What it Needs to Keep it Nourished

It is easy to tell when your hair is asking for attention. When it starts to reveal signs of being stringy, sticky, and generally odd to the feel and look, it’s a clear sign that it needs rejuvenation. Just like all other body parts, hair relies on what it’s fed on and the maintenance procedures performed on it, in order to remain strong and attractive.

hair care

Hair is made out of a protein called keratin. Though this is a very strong protein, it gets worn due to the common things that hair gets exposed to. These could include: daily hair maintenance practices, exposure of hair to sunshine, chemical hair treatments, using hot tools on hair, coloring or dying the hair, winds and other pollutants. Hair that has suffered damage from any of these will loss its right balance of oils and moisture too. In order to get back your perfect hair, best hair care products should be uses. Hair repair treatment includes:

Protein Treatment

protien hair care treatment

This is a very necessary step in repairing damaged hair as it repairs the hair strands therefore adding the required strength and resiliency. Protein treatment fills the spaces in the hair cuticles and places a barrier around the shaft of the hair which reduces the chances of further damage. The types of protein treatment vary with the extent of hair damage. They range from deep conditioners, light to heavy conditioners. You should be cautious not to over use the protein based products as this can add excessive protein to the strands.

Reduce Hair Styling

Reduce Hair Styling

Styling your hair too often and unnecessarily can put a real strain on your hair. Straightening, perming, coloring, curling and other styling practices should not be an everyday thing. Hairstyles such as cornrows or tight ponytail which usually involve pulling the hair to keep it in place, put strain on hair thus causing root damage. If you opt for either of these hair styles, ensure they are loosely done to minimize on the hair and scalp damage. Treating and dying the hair should be done sparingly only when extremely necessary to avoid weakening the hair.

Use The Right Hair Care Products

Hair care products

It’s best to use natural hair care products on your hair in order to eliminate the adverse effects associated with chemical based products. In instances where you can’t avoid using the industrial hair products, ensure that the shampoos and conditioners that you use are sulfate free. Sulfates make shampoos lather up, and their usage can leave your hair and scalp stripped off their natural oils. The conditioner you use should match your hair type and length. Using apple cider vinegar at least once in a month will keep off dandruff.

Trim Often

Hair trim

To take care of split ends, trimming the hair is very necessary. How often you do this will be determined by the rate of your hair growth but should be on an average of 6 to 8 weeks. Shearing off a ¼ inch of your hair every two months will give you an assurance of split ends free hair.

Eat Healthy Meals

eat good food

The right amount of nutrients in your meals will give your hair a healthy look.  Meals rich in proteins, vitamins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables will make your hair strong and shiny. Though the right meals may not show much on the grown hair, the growing hair will surely reflect the fullness of health.

Clean Your Hair the Right Way

Hair cleaning

Clean your hair using a sulfate free shampoo and warm water. Before drying your hair, ensure that you comb out tangles first using a wide toothed comb in order to remove knots without damaging the hair. Where possible, allow your hair to dry naturally. If you have to blow dry it, avoid the hot setting and use the warm settings instead.

Take a Lot of Healthy Drinks

Drinks healthy

It’s recommended that around 8 glasses of water daily are enough to keep your body hydrated. The drinks should also include fruit juices and soups. By keeping the entire body hydrated, the hair will be hydrated too.

Keep Stress Away

Stress Away
Mental and physical stress can have a real tool on your hair. Stress is known to cause hair loss. Engaging in activities that relieve stress can be a good way to retain healthy hair. Try practicing yoga, meditating, getting involved in outdoor activities such as biking and being in healthy social gatherings.

Proper hair care will most definitely result in the hair giving you back what you need. A great charming look and a sense of confidence will be yours to carry through the day, resulting into more productive days.

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